Hydraulic issues? We've got you covered!

Here at Magic Valley Compost & Hydraulics we are consistently working with all types of farm, dairy, trucking and other custom equipment to repair, maintain and/or troubleshoot for issues.

We have worked on a variety of equipment, and developed a fully operational shop and crew to work on our trucks and trailers. In addition to that, we work on our own Compost Turners, Compost Spreaders, Loaders, etc.

We can also work on your equipment.

-Thousands of parts, fittings, and motors of all different applications.

-In house hydraulic hose builds with needed fittings, A/C hoses, Air Brake Lines.

-Trouble shoot and new install

-Pick up or drop off

-Mobile services

Give us a call (208) 324-1117

Or stop by our shop 51 North 300 West Jerome, ID 83338