MVC Hydraulics

Here at Magic Valley Compost & Hydraulics we are consistently working with all types of farm, dairy, trucking and other custom equipment to repair, maintain and/or troubleshoot for issues. We have worked on many different types of equipment. We had developed a full operational shop and crew to work on our own equipment [like the Trucks & Trailers on the video on this page], in addition to that, we work on our own Compost Turners, Compost Spreaders, Loaders, etc., we can also work on your equipment.

  • -Thousands of parts, fittings and motors of all different applications.

  • -We also create in-house Hydraulic hoses with needed fittings, A/C hoses, Air Brake Lines.

  • -Trouble shoot, new install, we can pick-up, mobile service or drop it off.

Call us from the link on the first page "Hydraulic Sales & Service (208) 324-1117"