Established in 1993, Healthy Earth Enterprises, LLC, Dba Magic Valley Compost holds a vision of the future as a better place to live, eat, work, and play. We believe that we can help further that vision by providing solutions to soil quality, thus environmental issues of many kinds.

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Thank you for choosing *Magic Valley Compost* as your resource for Compost & Composting Services. Located in the heart of the Magic Valley, Magic Valley Compost (MVC) partners with local dairymen and farmers to provide a solution to environmental issues associated with waste recovery and conversion of that waste into a valuable resource. This allows us to provide high quality products and related services, to benefit the environment, and the community around us.

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We believe in providing natural products and alternative, more profitable practices for growers, dairymen and other Agriculture community members, we stand strong with the Magic Valley. We are very proud to be an American born company in the great State of Idaho. Stretching far and wide with beneficial relationships throughout all of Idaho, N. Utah, N. Nevada and our reach and influence on outlying growing areas are improving daily.

About Us

​Latest Technology Utilized


Flotation Tires

Accurate Concentration

Biggest Spreader Fleet

Variable Spreading Rate

Multiple Carriers and Multiple Yard Locations Provide the Best Value For Our Customers.

Our products provide the opportunity to enrich your soil to benefit vigorous and healthy plant growth, extended water infiltration, and increased water retention!

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